Skip's Testimonial

This material is outstanding!  Teri and David both have their own copies, and have started going through it.  I may use it with the family too.  You are definitely on the right track, and we want to encourage you as much as possible.  David has come “home” for now, and seems to be operating differently than the past couple of years, still looking to prepare his way for living on his own.

Will keep you posted and in our prayers.



John Ralph's Testimonial

As being apart of discipleship program I have realized that there were many areas in my life that I need to work out. When I showed up for this program I was completely broken I was going through a divorce and facing possible jail time. I really needed a group of men to come into my life and guide me through these situations that I was going through. Jeff was more than willing to bring me into his home and teach me what it means to have a personal relationship with the Lord and what that looks like. As I started this process in my life it was extremely hard to trust in something I could not see or have a conversation with. As I started to understand who God is I had to make some major changes in my attitude about my whole situation. As I started praying and trusting that the Lord’s will would be done in my life I had to prepare myself for the many obstacles that the enemy would throw in my path. Having these brothers to help guide me and direct me in the choices I had to make not only showed me what it means to be a godly man but also showed me that people care about what they believe in. If I would have had a program like this when I was in high school I would have never went through all my different situations in life. It has been over 9 months since I have left the program and I have a very wonderful life. I have maintained a full time job, I am involved in developing a discipleship program within the church I serve in, and I am also in a Godly relationship with a woman that desires to follow the Lord. I am truly grateful for this program. It gave me a purpose and a deep understanding of what it means to be a follower of the Lord.