Please join with XL 4 CHRIST MINISTRIES’ to make a measurable difference in the lives of those God would send to us.  Who knows, maybe you know someone that would benefit from this training.  Please encourage them to contact us, or better yet, bring them to us.  Let’s work together to help them become victorious over the enemy that has had much too much influence in their lives until now.

Together we can help them develop L.I.F.E.

            L – Love of God and others

                      I – Integrity in all thought, speech and action

                                F – Fruitfulness of abiding in Christ

                                          E – Excellence in life for the glory of God.

Many disciples, unfortunately, are often left unto themselves because of the level of commitment and work needed to help them to repent and become victorious over the schemes of the Devil is too great.  When considered, many count the cost of attempting to disciple these young people and discover the investment necessary is too extensive for them to pursue given all of their other current responsibilities.  Others still simply maintain the level of expectations they have for all other disciples and do not differentiate between those who can meet these expectations and those who need more help.

When the young men and women graduate, they will be ready to reintegrate into their community to continue to learn and grow more fully understanding God’s word and will, prepared to practice godly character in their relationships whether of family, work, or inter-socially, becoming a more and more productive member of the community, and ready to serve the Lord however He calls them.  We believe God has called us to help.  Will you contact us to help us help them?


Your prayers for God’s favor and strength

Financial support to build and provide what is necessary to house and feed the disciples until they graduate

Labor to help us build and train

Your love and compassion to extend a hand in the effort to rescue these young people from the hand of the enemy