Disciples’ Daily Living Expectations of Life-on-Life for L.I.F.E. Discipleship:


The following are fundamentals of understanding and agreement between XL 4 Christ Ministries and for all disciples of this ministry; the disciples having come to the end of themselves thereby make a commitment to practice the following in daily living with us:


  • Daily reading of the Bible
  • Daily study of God’s word
  • Daily learning who is God
  • Daily learning to trust our sovereign God
  • Daily learning to develop love of God and others
  • Daily participation in personal character development
  • Daily participation in keeping the premises clean and orderly
  • Daily participation in the preparation and clean-up of meals
  • Daily participation in work projects with ministry leaders as directed
  • Daily assimilation among others learning to walk with JesusGalley1
  • Daily putting off the lusts of the flesh that conflict with personal growth plan
  • Daily submission to the authority of the ministry leadership
  • Daily pursuit of excellence in living out L.I.F.E.
  • Progressing through discipleship plan toward maturity of L.I.F.E. in daily life


L.I.F.E. character qualities are:
                                   L – Love
                                                     I  – Integrity
                                                                       F – Fruitfulness
                                                                                         E – Excellence

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