Church Leadership Assistance

 Resources: We have been very diligent to investigate the availability of suitable materials for discipling people in and through the seasons of their lives. When we have not found suitable materials to assist in this process, we have produced specific resources for helping pastors, elders, and other church leaders disciple their folds. We make our resources available in electronic format free of charge to any church that wishes to use the materials for actively making disciples. Contact us to request your electronic copy today or download them from our resources page on our website.

 Counseling Training: We are available to train church leaders in biblical counseling. We offer only biblical counseling training without the toxins of worldly wisdom, counsel or advice. We have spent approximately 15 years actively counseling men, women, families, and church leaders. We are happy to dedicate ourselves toward helping you to provide counseling services to the people of your fold that will give them real solutions to real challenges in the lives they live today for Jesus. Contact us to discuss a plan for helping you bring effective biblical counseling services to the people of your church community.

 Discipling Training: We believe we can demonstrate that real discipleship occurs mostly outside of what happens on Sunday mornings and in other worship services. We have been training pastors, elders, and church leaders in discipling their folds nationally and internationally for over 10 years. We are happy to provide the training materials and invest ourselves equipping you to disciple the people Jesus Christ brings to you to disciple. Contact us to begin the dialog with us to help you disciple those Jesus has brought to you to disciple.