XL 4 CHRIST MINISTRIES’ mission is to make young men and women into disciples of Christ who will live victoriously over their enemies (Satan, sin, and the flesh) by abiding in Christ daily, thereby living for the glory of the Father, being ready, willing and able to execute His will as a godly man, woman, husband, wife, father, mother, servant within the His church, and in ministry to the lost, by consistently demonstrating the L.I.F.E. character qualities of a true Christian in a fallen, decadent world so under the influence of Satan that the basic minimum character traits historical American Christians previously held in high esteem can hardly be found in the present generation due to the deterioration of our country and the families suffering within it.

L.I.F.E. character qualities are: 

Love, Integrity, Fruitfulness, Excellence

     These should be lived out in the everyday life of any Christian man whether among family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or strangers; whether at home, work, visiting family or friends, in public places, in church, or alone; whether in the company of others or alone; whether poor or rich, healthy or in sickness, in quiet times or in tumultuous times, when things are going well or not so well, whether well educated or poorly educated, whether confident or nervous.

     In other words, we will teach them and show them how to consistently live their life in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit doing the will of our Lord and Savior for the glory of our Father in heaven no matter what their circumstances were in the past or whatever they are facing today.

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